Comp-Tech Sales Announces Freebird Semiconductor

Comp-Tech Sales is proud to announce, we are representing Freebird Semiconductor!

“Leader in High Reliability GaN Power semiconductor devices.”
• Exceptionally High Electron Mobility
• Higher Efficiencies
• Higher Power Densities
• Reduced Size & Mass
• Hermetic and Near Hermetic Solutions
Guaranteed Space-Borne Radiation Hardness Assurance for Total Ionizing Dose (TID), Low Dose Rate Sensitivity and Single Event Effects

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Teledyne Relays

Teledyne Relays provides switching solutions for a technically diverse world, offering quality products designed for wide-ranging applications: aviation, SATCOM, telecommunications, high frequency signal routing, test & measurement equipment, ATE systems, and medical devices. Teledyne Relays also offers high-performance relays designed to survive the rugged conditions required for oil & gas exploration, industrial control, and military […]

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Huber Suhner 4.3-10 Connector System

Huber + Suhner new 4.3-10 connector system is designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and at the same time reducing its size supporting the ongoing space reduction requirements. The interface design has been filed to IEC and has the potential to become the standard connector system for the above mentioned […]

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New Products

The market is evolving at a significant pace. With customers requiring that new solutions and systems combine various technologies, The Huber + Suhner RF-over-Fiber Series enables the use of Radio Frequency and Fiber Optics in a single system.

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